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What to Read, Watch, and Listen To While Social Distancing

This week I’ve compiled a list of what to read, watch, and listen to while social distancing. Just in time for the weekend. So, put on your best athleisure outfit, grab a spot on the couch, and get ready to make your reading, watching, and listening dreams come true.

Articles with Tips for Happiness and Connection During COVID-19


I compiled a list of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy series. In no particular order they are:

For other book suggestions, check out Time Magazine’s picks, Variety’s list, and The Guardian’s suggestions.

Binge-worthy Shows

A couple of sources have suggested content to watch for all your viewing needs.

Podcasts with Tips for Happiness During COVID-19

And if you want all of these ideas combined – what to read, watch, and listen to during the pandemic – look no further than this New York Times article.

Happy reading, watching, and listening everyone.

What other books, articles, shows, and podcasts do you recommend?

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